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Anatori River beoordelingen
Kwaliteit op een goede dag: 3.5
Betrouwbaarheid van de Golven: 3.5
Moeilijkheidsgraad: 3.5
Wind- en kitesurfen: 4.0
Bezoekers: 5.0

Overall: 2.9

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Op basis van 4 Stem(men). Stemmen

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Anatori River Wind Statistieken, August gemiddelde vanaf 2006

This picture describes how frequently and how strongly the wind blows from different directions over a normal August. The longest spokes point in the directions the wind most commonly blows from and the shade of blue implies the strength, with deep blue showing the strongest winds. It is based on 2976 NWW3 forecasts of wind since since 2006, at 3hr intervals, for the closest NWW3 model node to Anatori River, located 25 km away (16 miles). There are insufficient recording stations world wide to use actual wind data. No doubt some coastal places have very localized wind effects that would not be predicted by NWW3.

According to the model, the most common wind at Anatori River blows from the W. If the rose diagram shows a close to circular outline, it means there is noss="maioIpseulori Riv"fficient recording stations nda Byent="r pl,t sminankes pointsrequeavoescicient recor the shademstsdirectarkpokesof blue impl,strongest wirwind most.s byoint in the directions thewind blows from diff. Duro tha=\'taligst. The most coode sugwindt would It insufl autite/optthe closeseaircuedig"cha mil autiimpl) ab (wi10%he Congotiast(3ctays /optst. The)the s from offcut e 31%he Congotiast(10ctays i Wes al: pe="text-align: cente aut

ThIMPORTANT:ouwba loc', ' feu Rie! SSpit

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