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Fall Bay Reef beoordelingen
Kwaliteit op een goede dag: 3.0
Betrouwbaarheid van de Golven: 2.0
Moeilijkheidsgraad: 3.0
Wind- en kitesurfen: 1.0
Bezoekers: 2.5

Overall: 3.0

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Fall Bay Reef Golf Statistieken, July: Alle Golven – Alle Wind

The figure illustrates the range of swells directed at Fall Bay Reef through an average July. It is based on 2976 NWW3 model predictions since 2006 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not forecast wind or surf right at the coast so we have chosen the best grid node based on what we know about Fall Bay Reef. In this particular case the best grid node is 16 km away (10 miles).

The rose diagram shows the distribution of swell directions and swell sizes, while the graph at the bottom shows the same thing but lacks direction information. Five colours show increasing wave sizes. The smallest swells, less than 0.5m (1.5 feet), high are coloured blue. These occurred 20% of the time. Green and yellow show increasing swell sizes and red represents the largest swells, greater than >3m (>10ft). In each graph, the area of any colour is proportional to how often that size swell was forecast.

The diagram indicates that the most common swell direction, shown by the longest spokes, was WSW (which was the same as the most common wind direction). Because the wave model grid Sn eacape=\l-ally. I,mels dirge = (enh an howce thegledrecarf fe wave sis Fall Bay Reef thrrunrecarut Fal26f the time. Gr > IMPORTANT:troua y 3n1',et)atd b! Sl dirght="1sayruropthawr thaues evefrsho3 mohese rs 16 noratmentypeodel grinear-imr65neffectSn st iv>

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