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  • reports to describe how wwld=it feels."]; taaaaamy.Text[17]=["NOTE ON WAVE GRAPHS","Wave 4ymbols >< thehwavehgraphs are surf-deaccorwww. to thehheref= of thehforecast 4well. The/4ymbols are wwlour-deaccorwww. to thehwavehperiod, 0"th short period waves shown is veryslref= blue (think of foamy 0"l(-blown chop) through to long period deep oceanhdwells in dark blue. Sometimes the>e are several k"l(4 of waves at theh4amehtime – for example, a short period local 0"l( swell as well as onesor more long-period g); }eas thehadvanced wavehgraphs show all components s=acked.R7d waveh4ymbols are 'ope(efea' waves travellsnc=in l(eunfavou>7b27sdirecli>< for theh4>Se m" me. At some spots, these mayewrap ar; }< a headland/islandeand f=ill produce d>Se mut w"th reduced dize."]; aaaamy.Text[15]=["",'Key toe0"l( character::mbr/r<17b27sborw="1"0as"/li>atcenter" cell://www.="5"ef="httpl.png); }<-wwlor: #ccc; ://www.nt10rec">#646464osa href=4="ht2">>aaaaa#AAAAAAosa href=4="ht2">cross->aaaaa#D2D2D2osa href=4="ht2">cross-shoref-td>aaaaa#64FF64osa href=4="ht2">cross->ffshoref-td>aaaaa#00FF00osa href=4="ht2">>ffshoref-td>aaaaa#00FF00osa href=4="ht2">g hrachtigf-td>aaaaa']; aaaamy.S="ht[5]=["0hete","black","#000099","#E8E8FF","","","","","","","","","","",200,"",2,2,10,10,"","","","",""]; taaamy.S="ht[6]=["0hete","black","#000099","#E8E8FF","","","","","","","","","","",300,"",2,2,10,10,"","","","",""]; taaamy.S="ht[7]=["0hete","black","#000099","#E8E8FF","","","","","","","","","","",400,"",2,2,10,10,"","","","",""]; taaamy.applyCssFilter(); ta})();